We, ECO CORPORATION are sincerely trying to spread, change and improve the industry of waste treatment and recycling to the society with every method.

We would like to show “Present status” correctly.

We set up a business tool since our establishment, such as website and brochure specializing in waste treatment and resource recycling. We have worried that this industry is called “vein industry” and people’s recognition is extremely low, though it is necessary for maintenance of public health and environment, and of course for social infrastructure. Why are they ignorant? Why can’t we tell the reality? We think that one of the reasons is “our industry is hardly exposed to mass media.” Our activity itself is regarded as social contribution, so when our industry is reported in mass media, it’s mostly treated as a bad news, not as a good news. Our policy is “To make waste industry major!” and we will keep showing “present status” by all means. We will be “public relation department” for all waste processors and organizations, making use of our special skill for waste industry. We hope we can help you.

Website creation and control

On the nature of waste industry, customer usually don’t make a contract immediately right after looking at website. From our experience, reasons for having website are: ①Transparency ②People reservation ③Sales strategy.

Brochure creation, Printed matters

It’s a big merit to gather all printed matters in one. Please ask us to design and print brochure, envelope, business card or all kinds of printed matters.

The greatest method to “tell” is motion picture

Motion picture transfers information that cannot be transferred by brochure of oral communication. Less companies introduce the method as it costs more than other sales tool like leaflet or brochure. In short, motion picture can give greater impact than other companies and is the effective method.

Virtual factory tour

We introduce virtual factory tour that distant waste enterprisers or new customers can see the inside of factory or office on the website.


It’s important to take a gift when our daily greeting or sales meeting. It’s sometimes difficult to visit customers with empty-handed… We can plan and create standard or small gift for the meeting.

Credit card settlement system introduction support

There is a big merit for both waste processors and customers.

Merit for processors

  • Trouble of money collection can be reduced substantially.
  • No worry for uncollected matters. A credit card company is in charge of collecting costs.
  • Credit card payment is one of the reasons for customers to make a choice. A credit card settlement itself is differentiation with competitors.

Merit for customers

  • Credit card payment will give them points.
  • Credit card payment can be effective for urgent needs and customers can choose revolving payments as well.

Countermeasure for “negative word”

Negative word is what hurts the company’s image by the negative recognition such as “XX company accident” or “XX company arrest”. Such words have to be searched and deleted in order to keep the company’s brand image because when job seekers find the negative information, it lead to reduce the application.

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